September 20, 2007

Taking It Out of Context

I need voice a concern that was raised after comment on my last blog post: taking quotes out of context.

Have you ever entered into a conversation at the wrong moment and totally misunderstood what was being said?

Here is my point. As students whom are trying to bring about change we need to be careful to read the whole story. We need to be conscious of the context in which things are said and read the whole thing first, than draw conclusions or arguments.

I want our blog to be seen as credible and worthy of people’s attention and hopefully criticism because that means we are doing something right.


1 comment:

Zakahi said...

I don't believe I was taking the quote out of context. I was simply pointing out that the person you chose to quote has represented candidates in the absurd negotiation process that produces the bland debates we have. (I believe he led Pres. Bush's debate format negotiation team in 2004).