September 20, 2007

Obama: Hot or Not?

One thing I've noticed from talking to people about the upcoming presidential election is that a lot of girls and guys think Barack Obama is hot. This video makes me laugh and it just proves that a politician can be sexy.

Tuesday, Barack Obama held a speech in DC, people showed up in droves. I did not go as I had rugby practice, however a lot of my teammates skipped practice to go to his speech. Upon return to practice the next day, the most common thing I heard them say was Obama is a good-looking dude. Now if this guy can make a bunch of manly rugby players admit that they think he's cute, it makes me wonder can this guy win the election based on the fact that he's the most attractive candidate?

Even Dick Cheney admitted that he thinks Obama's "an attractive guy."

I decided to ask some female friends of mine their viewpoint on the Obama hot-or-not debate.

The majority of the girls I asked thought Obama was attractive. One even admitted she a little crush on him. Only one girl out of 5 said she didn't get what the big deal was.

Girls want Obama and guys want to be Obama. If men can contain their jealousy, maybe America can have their first attractive president since JFK.


mschellentrager said...
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mschellentrager said...

That video is pretty funny and I definitely think Obama is cute. Much more attractive than Edwards. You missed a great speech Tuesday.