September 24, 2007

A woman president?

As discussed in a previous blog post, the topic of a woman president is something that many journalists and media talkingheads have taken a liking to. Recently, I ran across a magazine that really pissed me off. In the September 17 issue of Newsweek, the front page reads "What kind of Decider would she be?" After reading the article, I became less infuriated, but the headline still irked me. Hillary Clinton has been in politics longer than George Bush, Barack Obama, or most of the other politicians out there. The only reason her 'decision-making' is being called into question is because she's a woman. And isn't indecisiveness one of the most stereotypical traits of being a woman? God knows what will happen if you let a woman make important decisions--I mean what if she's on her period? It's not like women are rational, thoughtful people. The media unknowingly reinforces the sexist ideology that has made its way into the very fabric of our society and, through doing so, holds us back. Maybe Ameria isn't ready for a woman president.