October 8, 2007

Dissident Media in our modern world...

Historically speaking dissident journalists have always received ill treatment from mainstream media outlets, take any variety of examples such as; Emma Goldman, Ida B Wells, William Lloyd Garrison, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and many others. All of these famous dissident journalists were harassed and criminalized by mainstream media and society in general. However, the life of a journalist has been getting more and more difficult in other areas of the world aside from the United States.

Only recently a reporter in Tijuana named Jesus Blancornelas was shot and seriously injured by gunmen. Blancornelas is well known for his investigative reporting that uncovered a political assassination and a variety of drug trafficking incidents. This makes his enemy lists very long, but what is important is the type of true journalism that people like Blancornelas do every day.

Blancornelas Article

In this sense, even in our modern day world journalists are in danger of assassination either because of their investigation or their oath to report their findings. This is comparative to the 'near' tarring and feathering of Garrison. The political and criminal corruption that has spread through parts of Latin America has left activists and journalist alike either out of a job or dead for doing it. This is a crisis that needs to be solved in Latin America because without honest and accurate journalism the public has little way to understand and interact with what is going on around them.

I'm Rich Enough to be President!


There is an issue regarding modern politics that I personally find atrocious: Only the rich can become president of the United States. I don't know when the country made this transition from candidates that were genuinely good for the country to candidates that have the most money. A presidential candidate is not even considered a true threat unless they have ammased a few million dollars. Be it from campaign contributions or simply dipping into their gold-plated piggy banks, these candidates know that the major driving force behind their hopes of moving onto Pennsylvania Avenue is the almighty dollar. Who can advertise the most, who can get their face out there the most? Collectively the major candidates have already raised over $250 million and it is being projected that they will raise over half a billion before the race is over. I can't really imagine a solution to this issue, but it really bothers me. Our elected leaders should be elected on merit, not money.