September 13, 2007

Straight 2 the candidates

Today in my Mass Media class two college students from Germany came in to recruit help and to inform students of their new blog site which is currently in the works. At this site anyone can post a blog directing a question to any of the US presidential candidates. The two college students created a site like this in Germany so that regular citizens could have the opportunity to ask their president questions. Viewers can vote on blogs that they find most important or relevant. The more popular the blog the more likely it is to get an answer. In a matter of 3 weeks, and after much publicity, Germany's president was responding to the 3 most popular questions. The President notified the two college students who created the site thanking them for their idea and pledged that he would do his best to answer at least 3 questions a week.

I think that this site would be a great source for our blogging in Dissident Media. In a matter of weeks the site should be up and running. Hopefully most candidates respond to the site. In Germany they never specifically notified the president, but after word spread and after much publicity the president responded. The voting system on the site enables users to make clear which questions they want answered. The questions are directed to specific candidates rather than the parties. This site is in the same context of the youtube debates. It will give the regular citizen the opportunity to directly ask the candidates questions that they want answered. Groups can even be made on the blogging site, like student groups for instance, that can advocate for a certain cause.

The creators are looking towards college students to spread the word of this upcoming site. They hope that more people will become involved in the upcoming election. This site was a big hit in Germany, and I think it will be a great way to see a more personable side of the candidates. Furthermore, we can finally get some important questions answered! Video responses can be added, so hopefully the candidates use this tool. Once the site is up and running I think it'd be great to follow along with it to see how it does. Hopefully it will pick up rather quickly so we can look at it this semester. It would also be a great site to link to! I'd definitely use it to follow the candidates' positions.

Check it out if you have some time, the site is

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