September 13, 2007

And so it begins...

The idea for this blog came from a speech by Newt Gingrich about the need for honest debates among politicians. He said that the rules for presidential debates these days limit the candidates too much and make it hard for those watching the debates to get a true sense of the issues. During debates, the candidates not only deal with time constraints, but ridged rules of how to rebut their opponents. A book full of rules is no way for healthy dialogue about issues to occur.

That being said, how do we as a group of college students, blogging for class, make people interested in what we are writing about? Who will care that we are looking for ways to promote debates without super hardcore rules?

One person who might care is Newt Gingrich himself (or perhaps people who work for him). So the other day, I friended Newt on facebook. His profile is here. I also joined his official facebook group. I figure once the blog really starts rolling, we can announce our presence and have Newt fans flock to our blog. Hopefully really opinionated Newt fans who might disagree with us on something, because debate and discussion is kinda pointless when no one disagrees with anyone else.

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Zakahi said...

I found another online Newt Fan Club we should hook up with.