October 1, 2007

So Why Does He Still Have a Job?

On tonight's Countdown with Keith Olberman, Olberman had a segment about Bill O'Reilly's radio show and his comments he made last week about a resturant in New York City. In the segment, Olberman teaches us, the American public, how to defend ourselves from an O'Reilly attack. Last week, O'Reilly continued to stir and justifiy his statements about the Harlem resturant.

I have been listening to pundits back and forth about O'Reilly and his comments and I just ask myself, why do we still let Bill O'Reilly have a job when so many people can not stand what he says? Granted, O'Reilly gets paid to say these very controversial things. It's really frustrating that O'Reilly gets so much press and he seems to be a detriment to the idea of better discussion. It's a real shame that we let someone like O'Reilly continue to speak about things that really should not be mentioned. O'Reilly does not bring anything useful to the table. Why don't we do the best thing we can do against this type of speech: not listen to it. We shouldn't feed into these kinds of people. We can only hope...

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