September 27, 2007

Living in a failing world...

Currently we are living in a failing world but no one is talking about it, not even the candidates that want to be the next leader of our country.

In the video above Newt Gingrich makes the comparison of FedEx and the government bureaucracy.

In the world that is working we can track a package MOVING in real time but in the world that is failing the government cannot find 7 MILLION people here illegally that ARE NOT moving. See the problem? What do the candidates have to say about that? Nothing! Because they speak on platforms surrounded by people with "likish" minds instead of surrounding themselves with people who will challenge their views and force them to give REAL answers.

I'll leave you with this quote from Newt Gingrich, "So send a package to every person who is here illegally, FedEx & UPS delivers and we track them on the computer..."

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